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About Us

To win the clients’ trust with our services and to know in detail about their financial life. Instead of simply inquiring about their balance sheet, know more about their past and help them in clarifying their values, goals, and dreams. As a coach guide them and making them financially sound as well as help them meet their personal goals. To grow their equity consistently and to provide them with ample knowledge about the benefits of risk management and the basic rules of trading and investing.

To build the confidence of the client, provide them financial peace of mind and be at hand to them in the long-term as well. To create successful traders and investors throughout the country, bring the maximum possible profits in their pockets and to help them do well in the trades. Moreover, to provide them with the relevant trading and risk management tools

Our services are highly customized caters to all investros by offering them a range of financial product growing their money in financial market. As a client of Consis Research, you would receive finest investment advice, timely execution, proper assistance, cost efficiency, strict focused on client satisfaction. Our Pillar behind Forex market is to make traders to get optimum advantage of our service



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R & D

We are always try to find new ways to and Technics for improving our services and performance.


our experts always try to update and create more flexible strategist which is very easy and more effective.


we understand our responsibility for our clients that's why we are always try to put our 200 % in our work.







Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure

3D secure Working Model for safe Trading 

Instant Exchange
Instant Exchange

With us you can exchange your rewords points and get more Discount on our services

Easy Customization
Easy Customization

Here we have easy customization services that you need according to your choice.

Our Key Features

Largest Branches Chain
Largest Branches Chain

we are serving globally with our freelance marketing team

Smooth Setup
Smooth Setup

we are follow our smooth setup process for new clients

Premium Support
Premium Support

Here you will get 24×7 technical support for better trading experience  

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invented for Maximum Comfort And Profit

Frequently Asked Questions

There are just some of the most common questions we get asked. for anything else, please contact us – we would be delighted to help.

We are providing Forex and Comex based market recommendation to our clients for help to grab maximum profit from the  international market.

Yes, we do offer individually tailored plans with our support to make your trading experience better. 
We are specialize in every market over the globe including Indices, Stocks and Forex,Comex market.  

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